Aloha, Moikka and Hello!

Wish we could sit down, talk story, and enjoy a glass of riesling, but till then, let me share some virtually. I’ve been performing and telling stories since I can remember. Cut to me, age 6, organizing backyard plays, with a dream to do it for “real” one day.

I spent my youth immersed in music, art, choir, and theater while training in the national team for rhythmic gymnastics. After my sports career, I shifted gears and moved to the US from Finland to study Business and Finance. The ensuing years took me through various business ventures, but it was after graduating with my MBA I knew I needed to shift my focus back to my first love: storytelling and acting.

As a Producer

I am known for producing a Korean feature, JUNHO, and a TV show on Spectrum OC16, Fashion Sense, various commercials, music videos, and print work. I aspire to build an oeuvre of films that unearth untold stories. Stories that thrive in the freedom of independent filmmaking while simultaneously reaching success with discerning mainstream audiences. 

I’m passionate about storytelling, which goes hand in hand with commercials, music videos, or any other visual medium I produce.

As an Actor

As an empath, navigating the world through emotions is why drama, horror, and action are so close to my heart. Being the carefree and quirky misfit in real life, comedy is an essential part of any role. Plus, it’s so good to laugh at yourself. I love the sound of laughter. It’s why I love doing what I do; it brings me happiness.

Having competed as an Olympic-level athlete and a musician, I enjoy combining movement with my performance. After all, a motion picture is about moving images that transcend words.

I love to play pretend, and make people feel raw and real emotions without fitting the stereotypical mold.





Produced by Rebecca Teresia

A film by David Boo
A film from Interface Pictures
Cinematography by @nickmyggen
World Premier at CAAMFest2021!

KQED Arts – review on JUNHO

Huge thanks to Michael Fox at KQED Arts for this wonderful article about Junho! View now at CAAMFest 2021!



Marquette King X Jodi Fergusson

Podcast interview

By, Johnny Keatth

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